Thursday, July 9, 2009

When will an Umpiress call ball & stikes in a big leauge game?


No footage found.

The All Boys Club --
It's 2008' and sometimes it seems like every possible barrier has been broken down.
I mean the President of the United States has roots in Africa (don't we all).
Hillory Clinton [a "woman" (for those not in the know)] would likely have held the same post had Obama not surged past an early defeat in the state of Rhode Island.
Back in 07' former NBA player John Amaechi became the first openly gay NBA player (past, present or future)
Also my personal attorney is a little person, who has a strong preference to the term midget and does a fantastic job managing my legal portfolio despite the obvious opsticles he faced attempting to pass the bar {This is in no way a joke at the expense of the vertically challenged, rather it is an attempt to give my attorney a little fame in exchange for a 10% discount on my current tab}.
So which barriers are left to be crashed?
Before today I must admit I'd been the prototypical male... ...totally unaware that in 2008' almost 90 years removed from the passing of the 19th Amendment that women had still not broken the ranks of Major League umpires. Yeah that's right!! Women have been voting for almost 100 years but apparently we don't trust them enough to call balls and strike during a big league game.
Have you seen some of the call their male counter parts have made?
Honestly have you?
Aside from the 10 or so quality umpires scatter through-out the Majors these guys (pro umps) blow all kind of easy calls.  At the end of the day I have to ask myself, would a women do a better job?
The answer with a raised eyebrow and a coy smile is... ...probably.

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