Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tis the Season . . . for Taxi Robbery

On Wednesday evening at around 10:00 p.m. in an overflowing suburb somewhere north of the Peace Bridge a veteran taxi driver escaped with his life following an encounter with a knife welding female and her boyfriend, the apparent puppet master and ring leader.

Two females accompanied by one volatile male with his hood pulled over his eye’s jump into a cab outside of a local supermarket.

The veteran hack, luckily, caught the "play" slammed on his breaks and made for the door handle before, upon the male passenger request the female directly behind the drive produced a large kitchen knife which was used to subdue the driver when it was placed under his troat.

The taxi driver escaped without injury and managed to wrestle away the hoodlums only leverage (the knife) which was left behind for review by the counties finest.

Cab drivers have long known the Holiday Season to be not only the most rewarding time of year to be behind the wheel but also the most dangerous. Money, for everyone is at a paramount during the "festive" season and cab drivers often make quick victims too hungry, spin-less Cretan’s look to make a quick buck. It’s easy for the hoodlum, who does not need to worry about things like security, vigilantism or coincidence which could get him/her caught during a bank robbery or convenience store heist, taxi robbing is more of a one on one affair, except when it’s a one on three like Wednesday evening. This year the International Financial crisis that grips almost the entire planet has created an elevated risk for neighbourhood taxis’, robberies are up, thefts are up, gas prices are high and price, physical, emotional and financial of doing is business is just too high.

A Wiseman once said "never look a gift horse in the mouth" and it’s probably a good idea but I suggest not pissing of the guy that going to be driving your drunk ass home on New Years Eve.


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