Friday, September 4, 2009

Turn $2.00 into $656K at New York's lovely Saratoga Race-Track


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This afternoon at 4:09 p.m. race four on today's Saratoga card will go to post with a little something extra on the line.
Thanks to a host of long-shots that paraded to the winners circle during the first four legs of the pick-six on Thursday afternoon the pick-six payout was going to be a huge one. When Thursday's card was finally in the books, nobody had claimed the massive pick-six pot that had been growing for two days and now toppled the $200,000 mark. 
The objective of the pick-six wager is a little obscene, the betting public is expected to correctly select the winner of 6 consecutive races. To make matters more difficult the 6 consecutive races are preselected by the racing authority, meaning the six race wager can often times feature races that are extremely tough to handicap in the first place.
Track-Mites like myself often use the "keying" technique when trying to capture elusive multi-race wagers like the pick-six or the win-four. This technique consists of selecting one "sure fire" winner in just one race, well pairing any number of possible winners in the other events. This type of wagering is even more obscene then the wager it self!! Often times these wager can also be very costly. A standard pick-six wager with one horse selected to win each leg cost just two dollars, however when you add multiple selections to your wager the cost significantly rises. It is not uncommon for one of my fellow Track-Mites to spend $40, $60 or even $100 on just one of these multi-race exotic wagers, but this is not sound advice.
With $656, 000 at stake today in Saratoga Springs, New York my advice to you would be to reach deep into your pocket....find the change from your morning coffee and pick-up a $2.00 pick-six ticket from your local O.T.B. (Off Track Betting --facility)
But I know next to nothing about horses?
If your not familiar with the sport all I have to say is ... ...haven't you heard of beginner luck? Us Track-Mite are race-track staples, however with all of our knowledge, racing forms and insider tips we were still unable to wrangle in Saratoga's pick-six two days in a row.
If your really nervous about making the wager just tell the teller at the O.T.B. that... would like to make a $2.00 wager on the pick-six at Saratoga. If you have selected horse based on names, number or some other form of selection inform the teller on the horse number that corresponds with each race. As long as you have only selected one horse in each leg of your wager the cost will be just $2.00. If the idea of picking horse by name, number or some other form of selection is already giving you a headache I suggest you inform the teller that... would like to make a $2.00  wager on the pick-six at Saratoga and that you would like this wager to be a quick-pick. Quick-pick if you are unfamiliar are random computer generated numbers and because no logic goes into the selection of these number the winning pay-outs on a quick-pick ticket can be enumerable.
What: A $656,000 pick-six carryover
Where: Saratoga Race Course
When: Friday (Races 4 thru 10)
Why: A chance at winning $656,000
How: Off-Track Betting of Saratoga Race-Track
Who: Zoltan Black 

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