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Obama may need Hockey Style Face Shiled.. ..Mr. Hasawaywithwords


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Thanks to Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post for bringing to life an issue I had long thought lost its legs.
Former NCAA hoops superstar J.J. Reddick, the NCAA's career leader with 457 three-pointers and a 40.4% three point average has been strapped to the bench in Orlando, since being drafted by the Magic 11th overall in the 06' NBA Draft. Reddick has not only had to adjust to a lack of playing time, seniority and press coverage but recently J.J. has had to dodge cheap shots from Washington Redskins corner-back DeAngelo Hall.
Before detailing Hall's offense let me be the first to tell you that I've made no secret about the lack of respect I have for Mr. Hall.
As if a lack of playing time isn't enough to get under the skin of the twenty-five year old native of Cookeville, Tennessee, J.J. Reddick's request to receive either "more playing time" or a trade was flat-out denied by Orlando Magic Head Coach Stan Van Gundy at the tail-end of 08' season.

"Right now it would be very hard to fit him in. I know it's also hard to keep sitting him on the bench... Should we be playing him? Right now we're going good so we probably won't disrupt things"
Now big-mouth defensive-back DeAngelo Hall claims he once shutdown the the two time ACC Player of the Year in a State Championship Game, where DeAngleo held J.J. to "like" 12 points, well Mr. Hasawaywithwords dropped "like" 31. 
To make matter worse diminutive DeAngelo (5'10) claims he could still shut down the pint sized NBA shooting guard.
Pint sized in terms of an NBA shooting guard is about 6'4, nearly half a foot taller then Mr. Hall who stated that he would have pursued a basketball career if he hadn't stopped growing (not sure if this one's Mr. Stienberg or a direct quote from Mr. Hasawaywithwords)
The topic rolled around to J.J. but that's not where it started according to Mr. Stienberg of the Post who says that the conversation began with DeAngelo's dream to one day sharing the court with the President of the Unites States Barack Obama. (Remember Mr. President this guys has a history of spitting, so if your going to do it, and I think you likely will as you appear to be quite the gamer, perhaps hockey style face shields will be in order) 
Ok that's enough DeAngelo bashing for one day, but is it really bashing when your standing up for one of "your" guys?
To be honest I've never spoken to J.J. but the little bastard has cost me a boat load of money, so I think it's fair to say I know just what kind of baller J.J. really is. The young man is soft spoken and certainly not one to give DeAngelo the press coverage he so eagerly desires but on-court J.J. is a stone cold killer, a three-point dagger shooting assassin, lurking in the wings, hell bent on delivering the deathblow (killshot).
Again I'm getting a little carried away trying to defend J.J.
At the beginning I had intended this piece to be an offensive launched against the NBA powers that be, the power that have kept one of the College basketballs most deadly shooters strapped to the bench for three straight seasons. Instead I have wasted my space deflecting comments from an ungrateful, multi-millionaire, comments directed at a man that Mr. Hall knows full well will no reciprocate.
I have the utmost confidence that J.J.'s comments on this issue will amount to little more than a one liner in tomorrows paper (if he even give Mr. Hasawaywithwords that much)    
Unfortunately it has become abundantly clear that this reporter is unable to exhibit the same refrain.
Zoltan Black 
J.J. Reddick has averaged 38% from the three-point line over three NBA seasons despite averaging a minuscule 14.4 minutes per game.   

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