Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hawaii Five-O Sighting @ The World Baseball Classic

Zoltan Black....reporting from the World Baseball Classic


It funny how the little things urks me.

Ever since Toronto Blue Jay pitcher Brandon League made his big league debut "way" back in 2004 I’ve been hoping, check that, I’ve been begging for the Hawaiian native to change his number to 50 so the fans could coin the slender smoke hurler Hawaii Five-O.

My attempts have elicited little response from Brandon other then the odd sneer and a couple of friendly chuckles, however I have, if nothing else been determined in my attempts.

Saturday afternoon at the Rogers Centre in Toronto all hope of me ever convincing Brandon to "embrace" his roots was tossed to the wayside when American International Shane Victorino, also a native of Hawaii dawned the number 50 well playing for team USA during the first round of the 2009 World Baseball Classic.

American born baseball studs could be heard encouraging Victorino during his plate appetences.... "Lets go Hawaii Five-O" "Good eye, 5-O" "Way to go Hawaii Five-0

Team USA or the "redeem" team as there ridiculously being called squeaked out a one run victory against a feisty Canadian squad that refused to let down on there home turf.

The games final score much like the World Baseball Classic it self appear to be mostly irrelevant in the eyes of the North American public. So why waste the final score.

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