Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just an observation...Politicos and the State of Illinois Racing


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Just an observation...

If Illinois Politicos like state Governor Rod Blagojevich and house member Bobby Rush spent as much time trying to prop up the Illinois State Racing Commission as they have trying to tear it down, Illinois could easily be the model by which all other Racing Commissions are rebuilt.

Blagojevich understanding that Illinois State Racing would act as a personal finance account for his own political aspirations is stomach churning.

Likewise House Representative Booby Rush has thwarted Illinios Racing at every turn becoming a sort of off-track racing vigilante, sparking this reporter to ask to question... what’s up with the State of gambling in Illinios.

Zoltan Black


Don’t get the wrong idea respected Illinios State Rep. Bobby Rush does not belong in the same breath as a scuzzy windbag like Blago.

Rush the consummate track-side politician has seen passage of quality legislation, including a bill recognizing African-American Jockey Legend Jimmy Winkfield back in 2005

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